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Now – It’s all you’ll ever have

NOWIt is dire that we live in the Now, because now is all we’ll ever have. Nothing ever happened in the past and nothing will ever happen in the future, it will happen now. If you’re concerned about the future or troubled by the past you will miss out on every instant that stands right in front of you. No matter how boring or mundane your life may be, allow yourself to be taken over and surrender to now. Complete devotion to every conversation, every long drive home from work, every second of every day. Let your mind rest from constant thought and focus on what’s real and in front of you.

Prisma Color Marker – Truck Drawing


This cool truck drawing was just something for fun, a 1966 Chevy C-10 I used to have. I was playing around with Prisma Color Markers. Most of my personal artwork has a ton of scribbles incorporated in them. I like the way I can create realism and still just let the medium flow without forcing it. Plus it just makes the artwork more interesting.

Airplane Drawing

Dirty-30sDirty 30s: As most of you know I’m a huge hockey fan, I run a men’s league in Colorado Springs. This Dirty 30s Illustration is for one of my new hockey teams.  These guys are all Air Force cadets, they fly C-130’s so that’s where the name comes from. I love drawing realism with a hint of cartoon styling in there. This This airplane drawing turned out pretty cool.

Organized Brand Development

The rep for Simplicity Organizing came to looking for organized brand development that described her company in the easiest way possible. My objective was to create a logo that was simple, direct and clearly organized. The first thing I thought about was a filing cabinet and the folders inside. I love the shades of blue; they’re sharp and easy on the eyes as well. To me they appear very calming which is the whole point of organization right? Knowing where all your shit is creates a sense of ease on the mind. I also built a website for her, CLICK HERE to check it out.

I just might have to call her someday to get me on track because I have a bad habit of just throwing my paperwork in the filing cabinet and hope it lands in the right folder.

Hornet Illustration

The Winnipeg Hornets: As most of you know I’m a huge hockey fan, I run a men’s league in Colorado Springs. This Hornet Illustration is for a hockey team up in Winnipeg, Canada. “Out with the old and in with the new” he said. This gentleman was simply looking for something a little more creative than the old design they’d had for many years. I’ve never drawn up a hornet but this one turned out pretty awesome. I always enjoy drawing cartoons or illustrations, it brings me back to my childhood and a simple time in my life.

Shepard Fairy ” OBEY ” – On Banksy

Shepard Fairey – Obey on Banksy

The film he’s referring to is “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Incredible documentary but also frustrating for an artist. Being able to see the street art world unfold was very inspiring and profound in my eyes. However, seeing Terry (AKA Mr. Brainwash) become an artist over night made me wanna pull my teeth out. Most artist’s spend their entire lives perfecting their talent, developing their style and doing their best to get it out to worlds eyes. Most of us just want a little recognition for our work, maybe even pay our bill, but usually it never comes. Terry on the other hand took marketing to a whole new level. A man who had zero artistic ability became a sensation over night. He managed to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in work before his gallery even opened simply by utilizing the connections he’d made in the art community and marketing his product. He was able to reach an incredibly large market and appeal to masses by ripping off Andy Warhol as no other artist had done before. There is zero originality in the world, every piece of art mimics it’s predecessor. And that’s okay, any artist or poet has to be inspired by someone or something. It’s very rare that an idea spawns from nothing. The last time that happened was 13 billion years ago during the big bang.

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