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Cruising the Schwinn

Leaving the Subaru at home and enjoying the open road or bumpy sidewalk on the Schwinn “Coffee”. Things really slow down when you’re just cruising the bike. Life seems to be so much simpler, so much easier. So next time you get the chance to dust the cob-webs off your old bike, please don’t hesitate. Pump up the tires, shine up the wheels and get to ride’n. Hope to see you on the road. And if you see me, don’t forget to give me a hi-five! Cheers…

Colorado Graffiti

Since I moved to Old Colorado City, I’ve been cruising the Schwinn between there and downtown. During a ride last week I came across some old graffiti from a few years ago. Still vibrant as ever. It may be illegal but this is great work. Let me know what you think…

“Video Time Lapse” Illuminati Graffiti Artist

Awesome street artist time lapse of Illuminati GraffitThere’s definitely an awakening of  human consciousness. Take a look around, outside of the typical media I mean. There’s a lot more going on than what “THEY’RE” feeding you. Do your research and remember to “always think for yourself”. There is a human consciousness that continues to grow and thrive. Let’s not let the powers to be keep us from reaching our greatest potential.

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