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Lucky Duck Press – A Letterpress Legacy Video

As I mentioned before, I’ve been focusing my attention to an analog state of mind. Less time in front of the computer and more focus on a hands-on approach. So I’ve been researching and studying letterpress techniques – the old school tools that were used to create incredible pieces of work. Here’s a quick video I ran across on PRESSING LETTERS.com,  on the letterpress technique and why it’s so important to get your hands dirty.

New letterpress video on the story of Patrick Barrett of LUCKY DUCK PRESS in Brooklyn, New York and his antique foot-powered letterpress passed down from the family business, The Sterling Press. Video by ETSY.

Art, Design and Computers – What a Drag!

I absolutely love art. I absolutely love design. And I absolutely love combining the two. I think it’s the perfectionist in me that likes applying a grid system to art. What I don’t love though, is sitting in front of my Macintosh for hours on end everyday. I recently noticed that I’ve been spending way too much time designing graphics in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and not enough hands on work. Catch my drift? I find myself now and again thinking “CONTROL – Z” when I goof up something in the real world. Gotta get away from this freag’n brain washing instrument and back to the real thing.

My goal is to get more into an analog state of mind. I sort of get the impression that this whole digital era completely detaches us from what it means to be human. I’m hoping that in the next few months I’ll get away from so much digital design and more involved with physical hands-on design such as letter press or screen printing. I find that when I’m able to work with my hands (verses a keyboard or mouse), I find a stronger sense of reward for accomplishing a creative design. With that said – this whole computer information age sucks you into an alternate reality, giving you the misconception that all this online nonsense is real. What a joke!

Turn on, tune in and drop out – Timothy Leary

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