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Snowboard Design – Live Ride Sail

60s-Sailor-3Lately I’ve been playing around with this whole snowboard concept. Here’s a new snowboard design that emulates the passion of riding a mountain. To me snowboarding is a very humbling practice. It helps me find balance and clarity. When you’re on the slopes you’re not worried about your bills or any drama that may surround your life. It’s all about finding that rhythm and just cruising through the snow. Your arms are stretched out like a bird and your simply “Sailing” without a care in the world. Hi-five to snowboarding.

The White Buffalo – Ballad of a Deadman

The White Buffalo – I think their name speaks for itself. Truly a unique band that carries a sound that has been lost for decades. A true Americana as well as a soul searcher. Express your soul and let the world know you’re alive and well. I love that the heart of real music is making its way back to the radio waves. Hotdog!

American Hockey – New Design for Bleed Hockey


This is a new tshirt design for Bleed Hockey. When they started this company they wanted to hit a direct market in Colorado so most of their products incorporated a Colorado concept but since expanding they’re working on reaching a larger audience. What’s bigger than American Hockey? I didn’t want to just copy the American flag so I simplified it so that message was as direct as possible. Since debuting this new design it’s been selling like hot cakes. I’m gonna give myself a hi-five for this one.

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