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American Hockey – New Design for Bleed Hockey


This is a new tshirt design for Bleed Hockey. When they started this company they wanted to hit a direct market in Colorado so most of their products incorporated a Colorado concept but since expanding they’re working on reaching a larger audience. What’s bigger than American Hockey? I didn’t want to just copy the American flag so I simplified it so that message was as direct as possible. Since debuting this new design it’s been selling like hot cakes. I’m gonna give myself a hi-five for this one.

Hi-five to mountain biking

Mountain-BikingWhen you’re out in the elements, when you’re truly experiencing what mother has to offer, there’s something that comes over you that you can’t quite put it into words. There’s something truly special about riding a bike. You’re not just getting from point A’ to point B’, you’re intentionally feeling the ground beneath your tires. You’re more in-tune with your surroundings and you’re no longer just wandering the earth mindlessly. You now have purpose and your journey has reason. So whenever you get the chance, drop the briefcase, park the car, get off the couch and go ride your bicycle. You’ll be happy you did.

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