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Rusty Rubbish and Wiggles

Rusty Van, Van ArtRusty rubbish and wiggles is today’s topic of discussion. They say that art “Is in the eye of the beholder”. I’m not so sure about that. I would prefer if we left art up to all the “wiggly” people in the world. That’s what Alan Watts would say anyways. Our studio is full of “wiggly” people just begging to let loose. We never claim to be experts on the subject of art, but we do feel that we hold our own, and we’re certainly not taking pictures of our own poo, nor someone elses for that matter. We’ll leave that sort of non-sense to all the lizards of the world. A truly creative designer is not something that’s manufactured in a classroom of chimpanzees, you have to wiggle all on your own. You might be able to show a child how to sling some water colors, or even teach your grandmother the fundamental basics of design. But when it comes down to it, if that creative spark just isn’t there, if you’re a little more lefty and a little less wiggly, you just might as well hang it up before you begin. Just a little blaspheme and rubbish to start your day – Cheers

Craola and Serk – Graffiti

“Shake well and hold tight”. Artist’s Craola and Serk team up for a unique street art/graffiti piece. It’s truly amazing to see what a lifetime of dedication can transpire to become. When you truly love something, when you’re truly passionate about what it is you’re doing in life, the dedication just comes so naturally. Trial by error is inevitable, but we live, we learn and we grow. I believe that an artist holds something truly special in their heart. The ability to start with the tiniest spark of an idea, and watch it unfold before your eyes, to see it come to life is truly amazing. Life is good.

Banksy? Damien Hirst?

Is Bankys Damien Hirst? Is Damien Hirst Banksy? Who cares, not I. But somebody does. CLICK HERE to read more about this blasphemy. Apparently your commercial real estate is shooting through if you just so happen to have an original Banksy piece on it. If you’re familiar with Banksy then you’ll understand when I say that “he’s probably rolling over laughing right now” at the ironic self-made name he’s created. Oh how the irony is overwhelming! Funny how this silly little world operates. It makes me chuckle inside. Anywho, Cheers to you sir. To read the rest of this ridiculously ironic story on of course, “YAHOO NEWS” CLICK HERE

Street ArtDamien Hirst Banksy Damien Hirst, Banksy

Westside Tattoo – Graffiti

Today I was over at Westside Tattoo checking out their new wall. Normally the North wall is filled from the sidewalk to the sky with tags from various artists in town. But this time around they decided to mix it up a bit. Tattoo/graffit artist Drake is the man with the plan. He’s the mastermind behind the layout of Westside’s great murals and graffiti. He told me that he was just looking for something different other than your typical street tag. Perhaps the tags just don’t give enough freedom to the artist to truly express his/her talent behind the can. These works of art clearly speak for themselves. They’re full of life and energy and an overwhelming amount of energy. Well played sir…

Drastik-Graffiti-9Drastik-Graffiti-6 Drastik-Graffiti-5Drastik-Graffiti-4  Drastik-Graffiti-7 Drastik-Graffiti-8 Drastik-Graffiti-10 Drastik-Graffiti-11 Graffit-Tag-Colorado-1 Graffit-Tag-Colorado-2 Graffiti-Firefighters-1 Graffiti-Firefighters-2 Graffiti-Firefighters-3 Halo-1 Drastik-Graffiti-1 Drastik-Graffiti-2 Drastik-Graffiti-3

Hi-five to Artist “JR”

This blog is dedicated to world renowned artist “JR”. He was given the Ted Award a couple years ago for his dedication to collective growth. We are humans, and we are beings. Sometimes the human within us gets in the way of the being that binds us. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”. I am not a religious man but I do value this idea above everything. We are all aware of how hateful the world can be. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the injustices that encompass our lives on a daily basis because sometimes it seems pointless. However I think it’s very important to do what you can to express your optimism for the world and encourage others to do the same. Start in your community, your neighborhood, your household, start with yourself. JR has a very unique approach at the way he expresses his passion for people. He might not be feeding world hunger or finding a cure for cancer but he is very good at putting a smile on peoples face. And sometimes a smile is enough to keep you going. Here’s to you JR. Thanks for the inspiration.  JR Artist 1 JR Artist 2 JR Artist 3 JR Artist 4 JR Artist 5 JR Artist 6 JR Artist 7

Shepard Fairy ” OBEY ” – On Banksy

Shepard Fairey – Obey on Banksy

The film he’s referring to is “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Incredible documentary but also frustrating for an artist. Being able to see the street art world unfold was very inspiring and profound in my eyes. However, seeing Terry (AKA Mr. Brainwash) become an artist over night made me wanna pull my teeth out. Most artist’s spend their entire lives perfecting their talent, developing their style and doing their best to get it out to worlds eyes. Most of us just want a little recognition for our work, maybe even pay our bill, but usually it never comes. Terry on the other hand took marketing to a whole new level. A man who had zero artistic ability became a sensation over night. He managed to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in work before his gallery even opened simply by utilizing the connections he’d made in the art community and marketing his product. He was able to reach an incredibly large market and appeal to masses by ripping off Andy Warhol as no other artist had done before. There is zero originality in the world, every piece of art mimics it’s predecessor. And that’s okay, any artist or poet has to be inspired by someone or something. It’s very rare that an idea spawns from nothing. The last time that happened was 13 billion years ago during the big bang.

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