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New Website Design for Punch Card

Punch Card Research started as a small personal blog out of Michigan. They research the data from both large and small businesses. Their idea is to give readers some detailed insight into which companies are worth investing in and which ones to avoid. The concept behind the name ‘Punch Card Research’ is that if a potential investor only has ‘X’ amount of investments to make over his/her lifetime, they might choose a little more wisely before investing their hard earned money into a potentially hazardous business model.

They’ve asked us to design a website that brings their concept into the 21st Century. This website design is simple and elegant, allowing the user to easily navigate their way around without having to pull their hair out.

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Lucky Devil Tattoo – Web Design

tattoo website, web design colorado springs, graphic design colorado springs, website builder, logo design colorado springsJust finished building a website for Lucky Devil Tattoo in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking around for you next tattoo I highly recommend checking these guys out. The owner is from my home town and has been in the industry for 25 years. Awesome work.

Their old website was definitely in need of some revamping. So I built a site that proudly represented their artwork. The site is incredibly simple and easy to navigate. Theirs no fancy tricks or flash, just a clean website designed to serve a purpose. It is a fully responsive site, so it’s simplifies on small devices like smart phones and ipads.

Web design by Chris Scott at Hi-five Design in Colorado Springs.

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Rusty Rubbish and Wiggles

Rusty Van, Van ArtRusty rubbish and wiggles is today’s topic of discussion. They say that art “Is in the eye of the beholder”. I’m not so sure about that. I would prefer if we left art up to all the “wiggly” people in the world. That’s what Alan Watts would say anyways. Our studio is full of “wiggly” people just begging to let loose. We never claim to be experts on the subject of art, but we do feel that we hold our own, and we’re certainly not taking pictures of our own poo, nor someone elses for that matter. We’ll leave that sort of non-sense to all the lizards of the world. A truly creative designer is not something that’s manufactured in a classroom of chimpanzees, you have to wiggle all on your own. You might be able to show a child how to sling some water colors, or even teach your grandmother the fundamental basics of design. But when it comes down to it, if that creative spark just isn’t there, if you’re a little more lefty and a little less wiggly, you just might as well hang it up before you begin. Just a little blaspheme and rubbish to start your day – Cheers

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AAA Upholstery – Logo Concept #2

Here is the final logo design for AAA Upholstery and Design out of Colorado Springs. Ladies and gentleman we have a winner. Hotdog! I also designed their website, business cards, sign and various print and web graphics.

AAA Upholstery and Design - New LogoAuto-Portfolio-03 Motorcycle-Portfolio-03Furniture-Portfolio-02 Marine-Portfolio-03

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Organized Brand Development

The rep for Simplicity Organizing came to looking for organized brand development that described her company in the easiest way possible. My objective was to create a logo that was simple, direct and clearly organized. The first thing I thought about was a filing cabinet and the folders inside. I love the shades of blue; they’re sharp and easy on the eyes as well. To me they appear very calming which is the whole point of organization right? Knowing where all your shit is creates a sense of ease on the mind. I also built a website for her, CLICK HERE to check it out.

I just might have to call her someday to get me on track because I have a bad habit of just throwing my paperwork in the filing cabinet and hope it lands in the right folder.

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