Zombie Grizzly Bear – Snowboard Concept

New Snowboard Artwork – Some new artwork for the upcoming winter slopes. I’ll be turning this sweet zombie grizzly bear design into a narly snowboard concept for some lucky Colorado company. Look for the final design in the near future.

Snowboard design, grizzly drawingSnowboard design, grizzly drawing Snowboard design, grizzly drawing Snowboard design, grizzly drawing Snowboard design, grizzly drawing

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Silence is Golden – T-shirt Design

I’ve been working with a local non-profit company that promotes Autism Awareness. They’re currently working on putting together a line of apparel that promotes the quality of life. This shirt is meant to remind people to stand up for what is right, to speak out and and not remain silent. Hint the message, “Silence is not always golden”. We put together a few designs for them, this one is the latest.

Silence is Golden t-shirt

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Artist – AJ Fosik

Sculpture, Wood Art, Crazy Art

Just when you think that all the great ideas in art had been used up, abused and ripped off, a shadowy figure crawls out of the gutter to bring us a monstrous piece of work. AJ Fosik is one hell of a creative artist and a damn fine human being. Well played sir, hi-five to you.

CLICK HERE to view his portfolio.

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40 Impossibly Creative Advertisements

CLICK HERE to view these Impossibly Creative Advertisements.


Superman Ad, Creative Advertisement

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I’ve been working on some comic drawings for a new project. Gotta love making fun of all the hipsters out there…
Thanksgiving comic, hipster comic, cartoons

-What kind of hippy thanksgiving is this?

-Just eat your damn food grandpa!

-What, you mean this steamy pile of chick-pea bull shit!

-But it’s organic, and expensive…

-stupid hipster ideology! (as grandpa walks away)

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Dale Payne – Brand Development

Recently we’ve been working with a new client on Brand Development. This small business located in Colorado Springs, offers financial advise for persons, professionals and small businesses. Below you’ll see a final logo design, along with a few logo concepts and a business card. We’ll continue working on further branding, website development and SEO – Search Engine Optimization for this client. So far so good.

Financial Advisor Logo, Brand DevelopmentFinancial Advisor Logo, Brand Development Financial Advisor Business Cards

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Rusty Rubbish and Wiggles

Rusty Van, Van ArtRusty rubbish and wiggles is today’s topic of discussion. They say that art “Is in the eye of the beholder”. I’m not so sure about that. I would prefer if we left art up to all the “wiggly” people in the world. That’s what Alan Watts would say anyways. Our studio is full of “wiggly” people just begging to let loose. We never claim to be experts on the subject of art, but we do feel that we hold our own, and we’re certainly not taking pictures of our own poo, nor someone elses for that matter. We’ll leave that sort of non-sense to all the lizards of the world. A truly creative designer is not something that’s manufactured in a classroom of chimpanzees, you have to wiggle all on your own. You might be able to show a child how to sling some water colors, or even teach your grandmother the fundamental basics of design. But when it comes down to it, if that creative spark just isn’t there, if you’re a little more lefty and a little less wiggly, you just might as well hang it up before you begin. Just a little blaspheme and rubbish to start your day – Cheers

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Alex Grey – Art Evolves Consciousness

Artist Alex Grey, discusses transcending, LSD, vomiting on live brains, love, and how all this has propelled him to a higher consciousness.

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Hi-five to the Buffalo

I’ve been spending the last two days working on this drawing of the buffalo. I’m almost certain that I once roamed the great plains of the mid-west in a previous life. Before we created the illusion of government and order that was set forth before us.

Buffalo Drawing

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Alan Watts – The Nature of Consciousness

Alan Watts asks the ultimate question, “What is the Nature of Consciousness”? ” Think for yourself, and question everything you’ve been taught. Because you are nothing more than monkeys, trapped in a bag of useless skin.

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