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Hi-five to garage sales

When I was a kid, every summer my grandma would take all five of us grand kids out garage sale’n. We loved it, what’s more fun that ravaging through people old smelly shit that they no longer want. You had to get there early though because if you got there after 10am all the good stuff was gone and you were left with used underwear and ties your grandfather wouldn’t even wear. I remember one time my brother walked up to a garage sale (he was probably 7 or 8) and said “Man, look at all this junk”. Right in front of the home owner. I’m sure my grandma was pretty embarrassed but you couldn’t help but laugh. Good times.

Hi-five to antiques

antiquesGrowing up in a small mid-western town I could always count on scavenging through peoples old junk. To them maybe junk, to me a trip into the past. An opportunity to travel through time and explore the tools that shaped the world into what it is today. I used to love going out with my mom to old towns like Hutchinson, KS and exploring the local antique shops. This past June my mom and I traveled out to her home town Crown Point, Indiana. What an adventure that was going ravishing through the old shops in the town square. This town is so old and outdated I think people are still using telegraph machines. I love it. It just reminds me of a simpler time in my life when things weren’t quite so confusing. Thanks for sharing a piece of your history mom.

Hi-five to farmers markets

farmers-marketsFarmers markets are the best thing since deep fried turkey. Make sure you support you local community by buying local produce at local farmers markets. You’re guaranteed to get fresh, all natural, organic food. The best part is your helping feed your local economy and you know exactly what’s going inside your body. No preservatives, no GMO’s and no politicians telling you what to eat. So hi-five to farmers markets.

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