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The White Buffalo – Ballad of a Deadman

The White Buffalo – I think their name speaks for itself. Truly a unique band that carries a sound that has been lost for decades. A true Americana as well as a soul searcher. Express your soul and let the world know you’re alive and well. I love that the heart of real music is making its way back to the radio waves. Hotdog!

American Hockey – New Design for Bleed Hockey


This is a new tshirt design for Bleed Hockey. When they started this company they wanted to hit a direct market in Colorado so most of their products incorporated a Colorado concept but since expanding they’re working on reaching a larger audience. What’s bigger than American Hockey? I didn’t want to just copy the American flag so I simplified it so that message was as direct as possible. Since debuting this new design it’s been selling like hot cakes. I’m gonna give myself a hi-five for this one.

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