Lucky Devil Tattoo – Web Design

tattoo website, web design colorado springs, graphic design colorado springs, website builder, logo design colorado springsJust finished building a website for Lucky Devil Tattoo in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking around for you next tattoo I highly recommend checking these guys out. The owner is from my home town and has been in the industry for 25 years. Awesome work.

Their old website was definitely in need of some revamping. So I built a site that proudly represented their artwork. The site is incredibly simple and easy to navigate. Theirs no fancy tricks or flash, just a clean website designed to serve a purpose. It is a fully responsive site, so it’s simplifies on small devices like smart phones and ipads.

Web design by Chris Scott at Hi-five Design in Colorado Springs.

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Graphic Design – Colorado Springs

Rusty Van, Van ArtWe’re a Colorado Springs based design studio that brings creative ideas to life. We design creative/strategic graphics for print and web use – Brand Development, Graphic Design, Illustrations and Fine Art. Whether you’re looking for a classy logo or an entire brand development, we’ve got you covered. Our team of professional artists/designers specialize in various mediums. We are a little bit wiggly though, but that’s what drives the creative spark. We also build professional websites that are mobile friendly and easy to use.


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New Colorado Logo

A couple months ago Colorado decided to spend $800K on a new logo design. It’s a great design, simple and direct, a little boring though. Here’s what I’ve come up with, just a concept and just for fun.


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Snowboard Designs

Skull Pack

Sunshine PineA small snowboard company here in Colorado is looking for board designers. So I put together a couple designs for them. Pretty snazzy eh.

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