Side-by-Side Mountain Adventure Logo

Here is a superimposed side-by-side mountain adventure logo for Woodland Park, Colorado based company ATC Adventure Rentals. These guys rent out side-by-sides and take their customers on big mountain excursions deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The client really didn’t give me much direction for this project other than to make it boldly represent their business model. Each element of this logo can be used individually depending on the application. For instance the side-by-side could be used in a large promotional graphic for advertising or the wordmark could be used by itself in the header of a website. I incorporated the mountains into the background of the Sprinter van to help spice up the wrap. This logo is definitely has more detail than I would normally put into a design. However I think the fact that we can break apart the design will allow us to work with smaller applications like social media and website headers. Side-by-side mountain logo design by Hi-five Design.

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