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Collectors Dream – Logo Design

Here’s a logo concept for a local Ebay store, “Collectors Dream”. As always, this illustration started off with pencil sketch and grew from there. Originally this gentleman wanted to incorporate several different collectibles into the design which seemed to be a bit overwhelming from a 3rd designers perspective. So I simplified the ideas and this is what I came up with. Being that he’s selling vintage merchandise that you would see in an antique store, I decided to go with a 1950s vintage style design. It’s very clean and simple and it even comes in a four different color options. Is there any other way to design a logo? Graphic design by Chris Scott at Hi-five Design in Colorado Springs.
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Stelter Tree Company – Business Card Design

After coming up with a kick-ass logo concept for Stelter Tree Company, I started working on classy business card design that clearly presented their business strategies. Color theory came out with a dark Grey color along with a soft Slate color. Clean and simple ladies and gents. Is there any other proper way to design? I think not. The services are easily presented with vector art and short descriptions on the back of the card to minimize any confusion that may be lurking around the mind of a potential customer. In the midst of design in Adobe Illustrator, I started thinking about a catchy slogan that proudly depicted the companies efforts in their American tree service. And so, “The Best Damn Tree Service in Colorado” came into being. Well played sir.

Well played sir. Graphic design by Chris Scott at Hi-five Design in Colorado Springs.

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