Westside Tattoo – Graffiti

Today I was over at Westside Tattoo checking out their new wall. Normally the North wall is filled from the sidewalk to the sky with tags from various artists in town. But this time around they decided to mix it up a bit. Tattoo/graffit artist Drake is the man with the plan. He’s the mastermind behind the layout of Westside’s great murals and graffiti. He told me that he was just looking for something different other than your typical street tag. Perhaps the tags just don’t give enough freedom to the artist to truly express his/her talent behind the can. These works of art clearly speak for themselves. They’re full of life and energy and an overwhelming amount of energy. Well played sir…

Drastik-Graffiti-9Drastik-Graffiti-6 Drastik-Graffiti-5Drastik-Graffiti-4  Drastik-Graffiti-7 Drastik-Graffiti-8 Drastik-Graffiti-10 Drastik-Graffiti-11 Graffit-Tag-Colorado-1 Graffit-Tag-Colorado-2 Graffiti-Firefighters-1 Graffiti-Firefighters-2 Graffiti-Firefighters-3 Halo-1 Drastik-Graffiti-1 Drastik-Graffiti-2 Drastik-Graffiti-3