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Logo Design

A logo is there to represent the face of your company. It’s sole job is to associate a particular image with the business. It needs to be simple, yet unique. Often new entrepreneurs have a tendency to project their personal feelings or emotions into the logo design. However this has a tendency to lead the business in a misguided direction without a clear path. When designing a logo we think about what direction is going to serve the business best. How is the logo going to attract it’s target customer base? How is it going to be applied on various applications and platforms? Does the logo reflect the business model as well as it’s values? And most of all how is the logo going help the business achieve it’s goals? When we first begin brainstorming ideas for a new logo design, we take all these questions into consideration so that we can help point you in the right direction. If you’d like to get started on a project or just have questions about logo design, shoot me an email to me@hi-fivedesign.com or call 719-210-8384.