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Hi-five to planting season

hi-five to gardening, hi-five to the simple life, hi-five to new bulbsPlanting season is here! Sunday was a great day to hang in the garden with this gem of a pup (Soleil). That’s pronounced So-lay. She’s my 2.5 year old, 100# Alaskan Malamute, who brightens my every day. We were able to get some onions in the ground and felt comfortable enough putting lettuce and pole bean seeds down as well. If you have started any plants outside be sure to keep an eye out for the weather. I’ll plan to cover any fresh sprouts at night when the weather drops into the 30’s. Hi-five to Planting Season, go get your hands dirty!

There is no goal for this project nor is there an end date. This is and always will be a continuing effort to learn and to grow.

To get involved in this project and start impacting your community, please contact us at (719) 210-8384 or email us at me(at)hi-fivedesign.com

Hi-five to Gardening

Spring is in the air! Here’s to fresh blooms and getting your hands dirty. I’d say most would agree the dirty hands part is quite therapeutic (happy sigh). This month, my brother Chris and I are focusing on gardening. So Hi-five to gardening! We’re tilling dirt and planting seeds and anticipating the delicious home-grown vegetables to come! I’ve got some strawberry starters potted up. Rick’s Garden Center gave me a friendly reminder that it was a bit early to keep potted plants outside at night so I’ve been dutifully bringing them in each evening so they don’t freeze. Well, I hope to have some more fun facts and friendly insight in the weeks to come this month. Happy Gardening, go get your hands dirty!

hi-five to gardening, hi-five to fresh blooms, hi-five design, hi-five to the simple life hi-five to gardening, hi-five to fresh blooms, hi-five design, hi-five to the simple life

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