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Colorado Apparel Company Logo Design

Here is a Colorado apparel company logo design. Rocky Roots is a startup and looking to add their twist on Colorado tee’s. My approach was to incorporate a boulder as the background alongside a rocky looking font. I did try incorporating the roots but it just looked odd. I added a texture to the boulder to give it a distressed look. The logo can be used in a vertical or horizontal layout depending on the application. For colors I chose a desaturated dark purple and light grey. Overall it makes for a simple, bold, and cool concept. Apparel logo design by Hi-five design.

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Boombox Logo Design for Coffee/Beer Brew Bar in Denver

Here is a boombox logo design for a coffee/beer brew bar in Denver, CO. Boombox Brew Bar is a new restaurant that will be specializing in quality coffee and craft beer. They asked me to design a logo for them. Originally we had discussed actually incorporating a boombox into the design, while also keeping the design classy and elegant. After doing some research and spending some time sketching out ideas, I concluded that by incorporating the boombox into the design it made for anything but a classy design. So I simplified the design and put the focus primarily on the speakers themselves. I went with a gold gradient for the main color and a dark navy for the background. The font is custom made as I built it from scratch. Overall this made for a cool, clean and elegant design that’s versatile on different applications. I have a ton of ideas to build on the companies brand identity that includes cool patterns, wall graphics and so much more. So much potential for this little logo. Looking forward to helping this company get off on the right foot.

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Manufacturing and Electrical Logo Design for Colorado Springs Co.

Here is a manufacturing and electrical logo design for Colorado Springs based company PLS Mechanical. PLS Mechanical performs a wide range of mechanical services for commercial, education, government, transportation, industrial, and hospital projects throughout Colorado. PLS delivers innovative engineering, advanced technology, quality craftsmanship, maximum efficiency, minimum waste, on-time scheduling, and excellent customer service. This client has been around for 20+ years and was looking to rebrand their logo. We didn’t want to go to far away from the original logo, so we kept the same general layout, updated the font (custom built from scratch), updated the colors, and designed a new icon for the company. Overall this logo concept makes for a clean, simple and bold design.

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Outdoor Logo Design for Colorado Springs Company

Here is an evergreen outdoor logo design for Colorado Springs based company Venterra Outdoors. Outdoor evergreen logo design by Hi-five Design.

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Woman Hair Salon Logo Design Colorado Springs

Here is a woman hair salon logo design for Colorado Springs based company Shear Underground. This is my second attempt at the hair studio logo design.

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Turkish Logo Design Colorado Springs

Here is a Turkish inspired logo design for Colorado Springs based company Shear Underground. The client sent me a handful of ideas she found on Pinterest. One of the ideas was some images of Turkish lamps. To me these represent a sense of elegance. After going down a rabbit of Turkish ideas this is what I came up with.

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Chiropractor Logo Design Colorado Springs

Here is a chiropractic logo design for Colorado Springs based company Powers Chiropractic Group. Spine logo design by Hi-five Design.

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CBD Chocolate Logo Design

Here is our second attempt for a CBD chocolate logo design for Colorado Springs company 1903. After speaking with the client we went an entirely different direction with the hemp extract logo design. CBD logo design by Hi-five Design.

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