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Photography Website Design

Here is a photography website design. My friend Joy is an excellent baby and maternity photographer out of Colorado Springs. She came to me inquiring about revamping her WordPress website with the intention of creating a better looking portfolio presentation and getting more leads. We created a simple masonry style photo gallery and some call-to-action buttons that would direct the user to contact Joy. Done and done.

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Asphalt Website Design

Here is an asphalt website design for Asphalt Advanced Services in Colorado Springs. There current site has excellent SEO, it just needs a little love on the visual side of things. We spent the last month rebranding their image, onto the website now.

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Investing Website Design

We’ve been working with an investing company out of Plano, Texas. They’re restructuring their business and need to promote their bold new ideas. So we’re designing a new investing website for them, here is our first concept. I’m sure there will be plenty of changes to come as we dive a bit deeper into this project. It’s nice to have a first draft though, this gives us a frame of reference as well as a sense of direction.

I always have my clients send me a Word doc with a complete breakdown of the site, including the content for each page. Even then it can be tricky some times to make sense of what the client is actually wanting. So putting together a template in Adobe Illustrator gives us and the client a better idea of what the site is going to look and feel like. We can hammer out all the tweeks rather quickly prior to actually building the site in WordPress. This saves us time and usually a headache or two.
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Home Care Website Design


Heroes Home Care out of Colorado Springs asked us to put together a website design mockup for them. Below is my breakdown of the homepage along with a JPEG mockup. All images are temporary fillers but you get the idea. Designing sites in Illustrator, prior to actual construction, is a great way get a good visual reference of the direction you’re going to go in. It can also save you a ton of time. Work smarter, not harder ding-dong.

Header – Logo followed by call-to-action on the left
Menu – Services will have a sub menu for the services offered.
Main photo – This area can be a slider to navigate through various images or services offered however I don’t think it’s necessary. I like the single image with your logo and slogan, along with another call-to-action. I imagine the audience isn’t going to be too tech savvy, simple is better. This image is nice, would be better with a senior veteran in place of the elderly lady.
About us – Simple message that lets the audience know what you do and the area you serve. This will help with SEO as well.
Services – Simple and direct, each image will link to a separate page about each service with detailed information.
Testimonials – We can rotate out new testimonials as needed, this is great for building trust with new clients.
Call us today – Another call-to-action (I use the word call instead of contact because I know how important it is to have that personal experience with someone and emails just don’t deliver). I think you’re more likely to get someones business by making it personal.
Footer – Another logo for brand awareness with a short description about your business. Followed by navigation and contact info.

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Hockey Website Design


Out of the goodness of my heart, and being that the boys that run the Bud Cup Hockey Tournament are so generous to me, I offered to design a website for them. They don’t really have any online presence to promote this hockey tournament so I thought it would be a nice idea to put them on the map. Below is a JPEG mockup of the hockey website I designed. I did use the Budweiser logo for a bit of influence on the website layout. Not a lot of imagery, just some cool graphics. The actual site is already underway as I type. Should be wrapping up in the next week or so.


The logo concept is based off the new Bud Light logo, the new Budweiser logo and the old Budweiser logo. I didn’t want to completely rip off Budweiser, but I think it turned out pretty nice. Clean and simple, nothing to flashy and nothing to contemplate. It just works. I also used the old time AB crest, it adds a nice touch and helps to push the Budweiser theme a bit more.

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New Website Design for Punch Card

Punch Card Research started as a small personal blog out of Michigan. They research the data from both large and small businesses. Their idea is to give readers some detailed insight into which companies are worth investing in and which ones to avoid. The concept behind the name ‘Punch Card Research’ is that if a potential investor only has ‘X’ amount of investments to make over his/her lifetime, they might choose a little more wisely before investing their hard earned money into a potentially hazardous business model.

They’ve asked us to design a website that brings their concept into the 21st Century. This website design is simple and elegant, allowing the user to easily navigate their way around without having to pull their hair out.

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