Marijuana LPG Recovery Pump Website Design

Here is a marijuana LPG recovery pump website design for Colorado Springs company Perpetual Motion Pumps. I don’t know much about these pumps but they sure do look expensive! PMP offers two different types of pumps, the Prophet and the Prodigy. Thinking about the product, it’s cost and the customer base, this certainly isn’t an impulse decision when purchasing these pumps. The user isn’t simply going to look at a few cool photos and make up his mind. We have to assume the potential customer is going to do extensive research before purchasing a botanical LPG recovery pump for their business.  So rather than using direct “SHOP NOW” buttons, we used “LEARN MORE”, and “PRODUCT SPECS”. Our goal is to obviously get the user to spend more time on the site but also to inform them before making a purchase. Leading the cannabis industry, PMP makes quality products made right here in the USA. The craftsmanship that goes into each LPG recovery pump shows just what it means to have integrity within a business. Awesome job guys, keep up the hard work!

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