Hockey Website Design


Out of the goodness of my heart, and being that the boys that run the Bud Cup Hockey Tournament are so generous to me, I offered to design a website for them. They don’t really have any online presence to promote this hockey tournament so I thought it would be a nice idea to put them on the map. Below is a JPEG mockup of the hockey website I designed. I did use the Budweiser logo for a bit of influence on the website layout. Not a lot of imagery, just some cool graphics. The actual site is already underway as I type. Should be wrapping up in the next week or so.


The logo concept is based off the new Bud Light logo, the new Budweiser logo and the old Budweiser logo. I didn’t want to completely rip off Budweiser, but I think it turned out pretty nice. Clean and simple, nothing to flashy and nothing to contemplate. It just works. I also used the old time AB crest, it adds a nice touch and helps to push the Budweiser theme a bit more.

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