Screen printing and Embroidery Logo Design

Here is a screen printing and embroidery logo design for Colorado Springs based company Influencer Imprint. These guys are focused on creating apparel for influencer’s on social media so that these individuals can better promote themselves. I did a lot of brainstorming on the direction to go with this. Being that the target market are the big wigs on social media, I wanted to create a design that was eye catching, simple and bold. Rather than creating an icon that incorporates some elements of the business like a screen printing squeegee or embroidery, I decided to play around with your name and abbreviate the two words to create the icon. This solves two problems, #1 it helps brand the name and #2 it shortens the name making it more fluent. So maybe rather than someone saying “we use Influencer Imprint” for our products, we use” in im” (n m) for our products, short and sweet. Sort of like saying I use a Mac instead of Macintosh. The design can be used in a vertical layout or horizontal layout. The icon can also be used by itself. And if the application is large enough you can add in the “Make your mark”. Imprint logo design by Hi-five Design.

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